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How To Cut Your Accountancy Bill When Using Accountants In Devon

When you are instructing a firm of accountants in Devon, it’s quite possible for you to slash your accountancy bill by following a few simple golden rules.

As with most things, preparation is the key. Invest a couple of hours of your time and you should save a small fortune in accounting fees.

And with a little luck, you may even be fortunate enough to pick up some good accountancy or taxation advice along the way for free!

In these tough economic times, it’s more important than ever to save money – so here are some of our tried and tested methods to help you to reduce your accounting bill.

Get Quotations From A Few Firms Of Accountants In Devon

Accountancy fees can often vary a lot, even between firms of accountants in Devon which are located next door to one another in the same high street! Before actually instructing any firm of accountants in Devon to act for you, you really should get quotes from a minimum of three different practices of accountants in Devon and then compare them.

You’ll often find that smaller accounting firms have lower overheads and will charge far lower fees as a result. Unless you have a very large company and need additional services, a smaller firm of qualified accountants in Devon will usually do a similar job to a much larger firm – but at a fraction of the cost!

Accountancy Fees Are Often Negotiable If You Ask!

In the current climate, virtually everything is negotiable – and this includes your accountancy fees.

With the recession, many accountants in Devon have seen their client numbers reduce as some businesses have ceased trading. Because of this, many accounting firms are prepared to offer new clients a discount on their standard rates to secure your business – but remember that you may need to ask if an introductory discount is available.

If you’ve contacted a few accountants in Devon and their quotations are very similar, don’t be afraid to contact them again and ask if there is any way they could reduce or offer a discount on their fees. The very worst thing a firm can do is say no, but in many cases you’ll be amazed at how flexible many accountants in Devon can be with new clients.

Check If The Accountants In Devon Offer Any Discounts

Many firms of accountants in Devon offer special discounts to members of business groups, trade associations or societies. If you are a member of any organisations such as Business Link or BNI, it’s worth mentioning this as an extra discount may be available.

Is A Fixed Fee Accountancy Package Available?

Most accountants in Devon usually charge fees which are based on the amount of time they spend working for a client. But you may not be aware that a lot of accountants in Devon also offer fixed-rate accounting packages for most businesses if you ask them.

This can help you to budget, as you’ll know exactly what your final bill will be – and it also makes it a lot easier to compare different firms of accountants in Devon before you instruct a firm to act for you.

Can You Get Free Accountancy Or Business Advice?

accountants in DevonMany trade bodies or organisations offer their members free business or accountancy advice, so if you are a member of an organisation like BNI, Business Link or the Federation of Small Businesses, check to see if any free advice is available.

Do All The Basic Preparation Yourself

The more work your accountants in Devon need to do, then the more you risk being charged. Instead of giving your accountants boxes full of invoices to sort through, you should ideally keep (or prepare) cash books to summarise all your transactions. You can do this on paper, on a spreadsheet, or by using inexpensive computer software. By preparing your business information before giving it your accountants, they will need to do a lot less work and your bill will be a lot smaller as a result!

Always Agree A Fee Budget With Your Accountants In Devon

Even if you’ve already agreed a fixed fee arrangement with your accountants, unexpected expenses can sometimes arise – for example, your tax office may query your accounts, or worse still decide to launch a tax investigation!

It’s a good idea to agree a maximum budget with your accountants in advance, so you don’t end up facing any nasty surprises later. It’s also worthwhile asking if your accountants in Devon offer insurance against having a tax investigation – many accountants can offer an insurance policy to protect you at a very reasonable rate, and this can save you hundreds (or maybe even thousands of pounds) if the Taxman decides to carry out an in-depth investigation.

Provide Your Accountants With Very Clear Instructions

When you first meet with your accountants, let them know exactly what you want them to do for you. You may just need them to prepare your accounts and submit your tax returns. But would you like them to handle your VAT and P.A.Y.E.? Do you expect them to give you additional business advice?

If you explain exactly what you need from your accountants, it saves confusion down the line and once again protects you against facing an unexpected bill!

Now Start Your Search For The Best Value Accountants In Devon

Hopefully, you now have a good grasp of the questions to ask any firm of accountants in Devon before instructing them – so now it’s time to get some quotations.

  • Use our database of all accountants in Devon to make your life really easy. In just a couple of clicks, you’ll instantly see details of all the local accountants in your Town or City together with information about each firm.
  • Choose a selection of accounting firms that appeal to you and make a short-list.
  • Set aside an hour or two, and then contact each firm by telephone or email to get quotations.
  • Compare the quotes, and ask any questions you may have about the services being offered. for any discounts and try haggling.
  • Ask if any discounts are available, and try haggling.
  • Then select the overall best value accountants in Devon for your needs.

By following these simple steps, it will make your search for a good firm of accountants in Devon that much easier – and hopefully save you a small fortune into the bargain!